The Best Golf Tip I Have Ever Given Myself - Just Hit The Golf Ball!

The best golf tip I have ever given myself is not what you may be thinking ...It was not "quit wasting time and money on this silly game"!  Ha!

Nope. I challenged myself a couple years ago to once and for all figure out how to hit a golf ball correctly. I, as I'm sure many do, have suffered for years with not making good ball contact.

I have always said if I could just figure out how to hit the ball I could fix the direction after the fact! Sound familiar to anybody else?

Topping the ball, hitting fat, shanks, big duck hooks, sharp slices along with dribbling the ball off the tee and complete whiffs have plagued my enjoyment of this game for a very long time.

This year I feel I may have slayed this beast bad ball contact. I got close last year and kinda found what I would call my "natural swing"? I did start making a few shots that got off the tee and down the fairway. Not always in the fairway but down there enough I could have a go at the green a few times.

However to use this "natural swing" effectively meant a big fading shot as my swing is a controlled outside in that cuts across the ball. So even when I did make contact I had no real control of accuracy and distance.

This all that leads to what I suspect and am praying is a huge breakthrough for my game. This is a tip I can remember being told by my Father years ago growing up and learning the game but never was able to make it happen.

Simply it is this - Quit trying to kill it! You don't need to hit a 7 iron 200 yrds!... You just need to hit it. I don't need a 280 -300 yrd drive...230 - 250 will do just fine on most golf courses. I just need to make contact and keep it playable! The big tip here is simply this... Just swing and let the club do the work!

After hitting a couple dozen balls in this fashion by just relaxing and making a swing I am amazed at the difference in ball contact. ...and all be darned if that little white orb doesn't get up in the air and is starting to look like what a golf shot should look like!

The second thing and maybe just as exciting that I learned after all this time is this. Hit a few balls with the relaxed swing and maybe they are just 1/2 to 3/4 swings. The club doesn't go all the way up around the shoulders and then note the distance.  Now if you do need a little more distance go ahead and make a full back swing but again just allow the club to drop into position and make a full relaxed swing.

"Relaxed" is the key word here. Grip pressure can be another because if you are trying to choke the club you will tend to swing harder. Swinging hard for distance is not the answer and it can screw up your back! Increasing club head speed at contact helps the distance and a full back swing creates what you need for now.

Get a feel for your new base full swing. Work on that with alignment and proper setup. Play a few rounds like that before worrying about doing anything else to increase the club head speed. Learn your yardages and as I fully expect to see this season...the score will drop because you are now keeping the ball playable and not taking extra strokes because of terrible miss hits.

Oh and before I go I might mention getting with a teaching pro or a better player you trust for solid advise and make sure your grip is up to speed.  Mine was a bit out of whack, way to strong, trying to compensate for my ugly swing path.

To Better Golf!

Jeff Beeman
Blogger with a Golf Habit

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