What Golf Ball Should I Play To Save Money As a Casual Weekend Player?

As a Casual weekend player What golf ball should I play to save money?

As a once a week or less player not shelling out big bucks for expensive golf balls is an area I pay attention too. Minor concern over all but still... a .75 Cent Golf ball compared to a $4 Golf Ball is worth paying attention too when several can end up in the woods or ponds! .

I do use the Nitro Cross Fire Golf balls more often than not. I like the feel of the Nitro ball at contact on the tee and off the putter. Will it get as much distance as a higher end golf ball? No. Will it get the job done for a weekend round of golf - heck yes!

Only negative I have found with this golf ball is they do scuff or cut easier than other balls but that is to be expected. Especially from a high handicap player who does not hit the golf ball flush every swing.

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